materials used at DRIP

Drip strives to use the best possible materials, while keeping costs low for you! Everything we do here is hypoallergenic and should withstand normal use. However, it is impossible to keep costs THAT low when we want to make a chunky, statement-piece with gold-filled material. That is why we have separated the products into 2 main categories. We want to be able to provide options for everyone’s budget and everyone’s lifestyle. ♥️💧✨
two main categories :

Enduring: 💧 long-lasting. The items in this collection are the closest quality to solid gold, without the same price tag. Made with 100% US-Grade Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver materials, they are definitely the best “bang for your buck”. Gold-Filled is a great alternative to solid gold, it is a base metal (usually copper, steel or brass) and is coated with 14k or 18k gold. It is much more affordable than solid gold, but still has that high quality we strive for at Drip. To be classified as "Gold-Filled" in the United States, the product must contain at least 5% gold. To be classified as "Gold-Plated" in the United States, the product can contain .005% gold! Gold-Filled jewelry can withstand normal amounts of sweat and water. Drip's Gold-Filled jewelry is an affordable alternative to solid gold, and even a more affordable alternative to most other companies offering gold-filled products  Do a price comparison; I dare ya. 🤪

Almost There: aka almost gold-filled, but not quite there. HOWEVER, we have tested these products for months and they are still much more durable than the gold-plated materials we are used to. We have also tested lots of material that did not make the cut, because we only make jewelry that we would personally wear ourselves. These products are made with a heavy gold-plating and are just under the threshold to be considered gold-filled. Many jewelry supply manufacturers actually market this material to us as gold-filled. This is because every country does has the same standards as the US and they can get away with calling it gold-filled, even when it is not. (US manufacturers do this too!) After a LOT of science experiments, wearing 2397 bracelets at once at the beach, research, and trial and error, we are pretty good at determining the difference between the two and now know what to tell our customers. That said, the products in the Almost There collection are still very high quality! I have LOTS of customers who swim/shower in these without any problems!

bonus categories: 

Eternal: forever. These are our solid gold items. With proper care, these items can be passed down for generations. Coming soon 🤩

Ephemeral: a nice word to say it isn't very long lasting. These are some of my cheaper, just-for-fun items. They still pass the drip inspection, but if you don't take care of them, they will not last too long. Please look at the jewelry care tab if you want more information on how to care for your jewelry!